The SC3 controls one or two Dual N or OO gauge motorised Dapol semaphore signals by DCC - it also incorporates a regulator so that no other power supply is required.

Very easy to set up, just choose the accessory address for the signal, press the Learn button on the SC3 and send a < or > command from the controller whichever one you want to set the semaphore in that position.  Thats it! The SC3 is now programmed to that address and will always control the signal in the same way (unless you ever reprogram)

Each signal can be given a separate DCC address with their position controlled by the SC3 which also remembers that position.

Signals connect directly using the standard prefitted wires & no modification or separate power supply is required.


(Dapol signals & scenery shown not included.)

Click the PDF icon to download the user manual 

For automatic Semaphore control, see the SC300 Dapol controller here.