SC Colour Light Signal Controllers


Easy One Touch DCC Setup




These Signal Controllers make it easy to wire and control LED colour light signal made by Train-Tech and other manufacturers using DCC.

• Control colour light LED signals by DCC

• One Touch DCC button - No Programming!

• Screw terminals for wires - no soldering required

• Connect directly to the signals LEDs - resistors are built in

• Simple 2 wire connection to track or controller output

• Can be synchronised to other signals and points by programming the same DCC accessory address



SC1 - Dual 2 Aspect Signal Controller

Controls one or two 2 aspect signals

Compatible with Train-Tech SK2, SK3, SK7, SK8, SH2 & SH3 and other manufacturer's LED signals. 

Click the PDF icon to download the user manual 



SC2 - 3 or 4 Aspect or 2 Aspect plus route Signal Controller 

 Controls one 3 aspect signal or one 4 aspect signal or one 2 aspect signal plus route. 

Compatible with Train-Tech SK4, SK5, SK6, SK9, SH4, SH5, SH6, SK2R, SK2L, SK2T, SK3L, SK3R, SK3T and other manufacturer's LED signals.


Click the PDF icon to download the user manual 

Click the PDF icon to download the SC2 wiring diagram 







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