PC200 Quad One-Touch DCC Point controller with multiple Route Store & Switch control

Like the PC2, this module includes a built-in CDU and controls 4 solenoid point motors by DCC, setting up instantly using One Touch DCC. 

Manual Control

In addition to control by DCC, the PC200 also has 4 switch inputs for manually controlling each of the 4 points. You can either use regular switches such as toggles, or you can also connect the new Mimic Switch to both control and display the Points position on your own control panel - see Mimic Switches and Lights.

Route Store

As well as the 4 main DCC addresses, the PC200 can also save multiple routes; By setting an extra address you can control groups of points using a single command, allowing easy setting of routes.

PC200 Quad Point Controller with Route Store & Switch Control  

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