LFX5 - Welding Effect Contrtoller


(Photo shows the module in use with LEDs supplied fitted to a Metcalfe kit - model kit parts & people are not included.)

This module adds a realistic arc welding effect to your layout.

The LFX5 controls ultra bright LED's to simulate an 'arc' welding effect with arc flashes and the hot metal glowing and cooling down lighting effect. Especially effective when projected on the inside walls of a model building which can be seen through windows and doors. The module comes with 1 Hi-intensity Red and 1 Hi-intensity Cool White LED but you can connect up to 3 sets of 2 (6 LED's) in to one LFXA set of LEDs to add extra welding effects onto your layout is also available as LED5 (Click Here)

LFX Lighting effects modules offer easy ways to add interesting lighting effects to your layouts and can all controlled by a standard 12V DC supply, 9 volt battery or DCC controller - bring your layout alive!

Very easy to connect using the screw terminals fitted - you wire the LEDS direct with no need for any extra resistors etc and with One-Touch DCC it sets up in seconds!

Note all of these modules only work with LED’s, not filament bulbs. LED’s are cheaper alternatives to bulbs which almost last forever and now come in lots of colours and sizes.  

• LED's are 8.6mm high x 5mm diameter (5.9mm diameter at base)

• 25mm long sturdy wires for easy connection 

• Ideal for fitting in homemade models or into kits such as Metcalfe and Superquick.

• Pack contains 1 Hi-intensity Red and 1 Hi-intensity Cool White LED's, LFX Module and Instructions

• Add interesting lighting effects to your layout - brings it alive!

• Uses standard LED's directly connected to the screw terminals - no extra resistors etc

• Simple 2 wire connection to DCC, a standard 12v DC accessory output or a 9v battery


Click the PDF icon to download the user manual