Mimic Switches and Lights enable you to make a mimic panel to monitor and control other Layout Link products such as Signals, Points and Level Crossings. You can even see where trains are by linking to Sensor Signals or Track Sensor around your layout - just like the real thing! Wiring is very easy thanks to Layout Link, so there is just a single wire going between a Mimic and a Sensor or accessory.


Different colour LEDs are supplied with both Mimic Switches and Mimic Lights so you can choose which colours you display on your mimic panel. LEDs just plug into the LED sockets.


Mimic Switches

Mimic switches feature a switch, 2 LED sockets and a Layout Link connector. The are 2.5cm square.

You can use a Mimic Switch to:

• Manually control a point on the PC200; LEDs mimic the point position

• Manually override an Sensor Signal; LEDs mimic the Signal colours and Train location 

• Manually control a Semaphore signal with the SC300 - LEDs mimic the signal position

• Control an LC10 Level Crossing; LEDs mimic the colours of the barrier lights 

You will also be able to control future new Layout Link products when they are released.



Mimic with Toggle switch, plug in LEDs and full instructions - User manual 


Mimic with Push Button, plug in LEDs and full instructions - User manual 



 Mimic Lights

Mimic Lights are very similar to Mimic Switches except they have no switch and only show the status or position of Layout Link accessories. Mimic Lights also have DCC decoders built in and can be set to display the status of any type of DCC accessory!

You can use a Mimic Light to:

• Mimic the point positions of a PC200 or any other make of DCC point decoder

• Mimic Signal colours and Train locations when connected to Sensor Signals

• Show the position and movement of a Train over a Track Sensor

• Show Colour light or Semaphore status of DCC signals 

• Mimic the colours of the barrier lights 


Mimic Light with plug in LEDs and full instructions  - User manual