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Welcome to Train-Tech

We provide easy to use electronic products for both Conventional DC and Digital DCC, OO and N gauge model railways. Whether you are new to model trains or an experienced user, we hope you will find something of interest. There are simple low cost items like a Track Tester for £5 or Digital colour light signals with DCC decoder built in which just clip into the track with NO wires! All have one thing in common, they are easy to use and designed by model railway enthusiasts for enthusiasts - everything is made in the UK too.


We are proud to announce that Train-Tech have won the Model Rail 2013 Innovation award for our Plug in DCC fitted signals! 

Winner of Model Rail innovation of the year 2013

You can buy our products direct from us via our own webshop or model railway shops - check back regularly to see more information on new products and let us know if there is something you would like us to manufacture or supply.

New video showing our range including new Coach Lighting strips, Lighting effects and Real loco sound capsules for both DC and DCC just £40

Sound & Lighting sets for new S Stock models!

In partnership with London Transport Museum we are proud to launch lighting and sound sets specially designed for the Museum’s brand new S Stock Motorised model tube train.

These special sets have been developed by Train-Tech to bring extra realism to these stunning new models by allowing modellers and collectors to add full interior lighting, under-train spark-arcing effects and authentic door open and closing sounds.

Each light and sound strip is powered from a small readily available coin cell battery and uses Train-Tech’s unique motion sensing technology to automatically switch on and off lighting, spark effects and door tones. As soon as the train starts moving the lighting comes on and as it moves along the track it realistically flashes the spark LEDs underneath the driving cars. Once the train comes to a halt the spark effects cease but the interior lighting remains on and after a few seconds the distinctive door opening and closing tones sound. If the train is stationary for more than four minutes all the lighting and effects shutdown to automatically preserve battery power.

The strips are easily retrofitted into the roof of any of the new S Stock sets with no soldering, wires or special tools required and full instructions are supplied. And because each strip is independently powered on its own battery they work equally well on both regular DC and Digital DCC layouts with no flicker, pick-ups or switches required - all are wire-free and completely automatic. As the lighting and sound effects all work without needing any power to the track they are also likely to be popular with collectors who just intend to display rather than run their models.

Like all Train-Tech products these sets are both designed and manufactured in the UK.


Like the S Stock models themselves the Train-Tech S Stock Sound & Lighting sets are exclusively available from London Transport Museum retail shop and online store from the official release on Saturday 26th September 2015.

The CL150 London Underground S Stock 4 car Train Pack Lighting & sound set contains lighting strips for all 4 cars in the main S Stock train pack and includes the spark effects and door tones. Retail price £89 including batteries and instructions.

The CL51 London Underground S Stock single car Lighting pack includes a compartment lighting only strip which can be fitted into any of the driving or individual cars. Retail price £20 including a battery and instructions. 


The picture below shows a CL150 S Stock lighting & sound set fitted to a train with the driving car showing a Spark-arc flash underneath!  



The picture below shows a CL51 fully lighting an S Stock centre car