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We are proud to launch our 85 new products on this website.

The highlight for OO/HO modellers will probably be our new Sensor Signals - completely automatic colour light signals with everything including the sensor built into the signal!  Signals change automatically just like the real thing and you can use one on its own or multiples to make up complete block signalling - just one wire links them together!

Alongside these a new Mimic panel switch where you can remotely view and control each signal plus see where your train is on your layout! Fully automatic, no separate circuit boards, sensors or wiring, all work on DC or DCC, and above all easy.

Smart Lights are a new way to add lighting effects to your layout - lights which are small enough to fit in N and OO gauge buildings and vehicles and give instant effects like welding, emergency vehicle lights, party lights, real fire effect. Just 1cm square and 2 plug in wires to connect DC or DCC!

Other new products include preassembled Level Crossings with lights and sounds including Peco crossing barriers in both N gauge and OO gauge and all in one preassembled working traffic light in OO, just connect 9-18V DC or DCC and it works, adding realism to any roads on your layout.

Also new are Feathers and Theatres on our colour lights signals, new Point and Signal controllers and some useful tools and accessories - all inside our new brochure which you can download here or email us with your postal address for a free printed copy.

All of our new products are now in various stages of production with delivery either from stock or will be available in a week or two.


We are proud to announce that Train-Tech have won the Model Rail 2013 Innovation award for our Plug in DCC fitted signals! 

Winner of Model Rail innovation of the year 2013

You can buy our products direct from us via our own webshop or model railway shops - check back regularly to see more information on new products and let us know if there is something you would like us to manufacture or supply.

New video showing our range including new Coach Lighting strips, Lighting effects and Real loco sound capsules for both DC and DCC just £45